Hotmail For iPhone & Apple Devices

Hotmail is one of the oldest web based mailing service out there and is currently run by Microsoft since 1997. Hotmail offers a wide variety of features to its account holders which include, Email, attachments, integration with Calendar, Skype, OneDrive and so on. Hotmail is available in almost every mobile platform including hotmail iPhone. Download Hotmail iPhone app on your iPhone and have easy access to your Hotmail account.

Set Up Hotmail iPhone :

  1. Go to Settings of your iPhone.
  2. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and tap on Add Account.
  3. Here, select While, some of you might be confused, has replaced hotmail in terms of brand name but all the services remain the same. If you have any other Microsoft account such as live or msn email account, the same process will work fine for your email.
  4. Enter your hotmail ID, password in the designated boxes along with the Description of your account. Description is the name you choose to give to the particular Email Inbox in the Mail app. For Example; writing “Hotmail” in Description will display your inbox as Hotmail. Then, tap Next.


Now, your hotmail account is set up on you iphone or any other apple device. You can also choose to select your iphone’s data with your hotmail account. The same process will get your hotmail account set up in iPad too. Sync will be on for everything by default. You can choose to sync your email, contacts, calendars, reminders as you see fit.
Your phone will be set to sync data from up to 30 days ago, which can be easily manipulated in the Settings. While you can choose any time duration as you please, if you want to keep all your emails, select No Limit.