Outlook Business Email

Hotmail is a free web based mailing service provided by Microsoft. Hotmail comes with a wide variety of features for its account holders which include Email, attach files including integration with OneDrive, Skype and Calendar. Hotmail has been re-branded by Microsoft every since acquiring it in 1997, with the latest being Outlook.com which comes with a Metro Design interface similar to Microsoft Outlook from Microsoft.

Hotmail or Outlook.com allows its users to create a different account as an Alias, that can be used as a substitute email Id to the original outlook.com email ID to send and receive emails. This service specially comes in handy while managing Outlook business Email with your personal Email.

Set Up Outlook Business Email

  1. Open your web browser and log in with your hotmail or Outlook.com Email id at hotmail.com or www.outlook.com.
  2. After you have logged in, the main page should be displaying Inbox by default. On the top right end of the page, Click on settings, indicated with a gear button.
  3. As the box drops, Click on Options.
  4. The next page will display variety of options on how you can manage your hotmail account. Click on Your email accounts under Managing your account.
  5. Fill in the details as required in the designated boxes. Once you are done, click on Advanced Options.
  6. In the Email address box, you can choose example@businessname.com as an alias email ID for your outlook.com email address.
  7. Then continue filling up the details accordingly as guided by the set of instructions on the page. Click on Next.
  8. Now, you are ready with your business email. Outlook.com will give you an option to set up a new folder for all the emails received in the new Alias email, or to simply store all the emails in the existing “Inbox” folder. If it is a business Email, it is probably best to use a new folder, as it will make it easier to manage your business and personal emails separately. Of course, the folder can also be created in a later time.

Now, you should have your Outlook business Email account ready. Upon selecting your business email ID to send and receive emails, your outlook.com email address will not be displayed to the party at the other end.