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MSN Hotmail is the short term for The Microsoft Network and is stylized as msn. MSN was first launched on August 24, 1995 with the Windows 95 operating system as an Internet service provider and online service. The services offered by the Microsoft Network have varied in time and has been serving as a primary web portal to this day. MSN brand name has been used in the past by Microsoft for Hotmail and Messenger, which was later re-branded as Windows Live in 2005.

The domain website for the Microsoft Network is MSN facilitates the Microsoft users with a variety of services through the official page.

As soon as you log on to the website, you will be able to see MSN Hotmail news on your screen. News items involve almost all the topics in the world. News is consistently updated to the latest, and is one of the fastest news providing web portals out there. Viewers can choose to locate the news based on the topic they wish to choose. MSN news covers all grounds; political news, weather, entertainment, sports, money, lifestyle, health and fitness, food and drink, travel and music. Users can easily select the section from the home page.

Through the MSN website users can also log in to, Skype, Office Online, OneNote, OneDrive, Maps, Facebook, Twitter and Music portal by simply selecting the account of their choice. All the Microsoft accounts and services and other services integrated with Microsoft can be accessed from here.


Hotmail is one of the most widely used and popular services offered from Microsoft. Formerly sharing the brand name with MSN, MSN hotmail account can also be accessed through the MSN website along with and Click on Sign in at the top right corner of the page to sign in with your Microsoft Email account. You can also create your new Microsoft account from here which will be in the domain either or Both of which are the same, and only differ in domain address. Hotmail app for iPhone and other Apple devices.