Outlook is one of the most popular email service providers. If you are using Windows OS user, then you may be familiar with the name. For those who don’t know, the Outlook is a Microsoft’s proprietary email service. The Outlook email address work as a uniform email address for all of the Microsoft Service.

Once you create the Outlook account, you can log into any of the traditional Microsoft product and use it. There are many products like Office OnlineBing Webmasters ToolsXBOX Service, Windows phone registration and others.

Creating Outlook Account

If you are thinking to create an Outlook.com account for personal use, then you should not worry about the procedure, Here, in this post, I will be sharing the step by step procedure to create Outlook.com Account within Minutes. I can assure you that this is the simple method to create an account on Outlook.com. Proceed further to read the complete step-by-step procedure for creating an account on Outlook.

Procedure to Create Account on Outlook

These steps are simple to follow. Say thanks to our editorial team, who added screenshots in this post, so it will be easy for you to create a new account on outlook.com. Here is the first step with a screenshot.

Step 1:- First of All, you should open Outlook new account creation page in your browser windows. If you don’t know the Page URL, then you can follow this URL to open it directly in the browser. https://signup.live.com/


Step 2:- Now, after opening the Account creation page, you have filled up the necessary information on the fields. Write-In the needed information like your Name, Desired email address with Outlook, Gender Country and Contact number. In the below screenshot, I added my name to the fields, so it’ll be easy for you to follow.

Creating Outlook Account Image 1

Step 3:- After filling all the necessary information and choosing the secure password which has a combination of Uppercase Letters, Numbers and Symbols, you have to proceed further. Here, you have to click on “Create Account” after confirming all the information entered on the page is correct. After clicking on “Create Account”, your new account with your desired email address is created.

Step 4: – So, your account with Outlook.com is created, and it is active. You can use this account with any other Microsoft Services. For example, I will show you the Example. With the same account, you can access the Email Panel. For that, you have to go to outlook.com directly or click on this URL, which will open Outlook Login Page. http://login.outlook.com

On this page, you have to enter your Newly created Outlook Email ID and the password, and you are ready to use the Email inbox.

Creating Outlook Account Image 3

Wrapping It Up:-

This is how you can create a brand new Outlook account. We hope that I was easy for you to follow above mentioned procedures. We give our best in explaining Step-by-Step how to create Account with Outlook.com. You can use this account with any of the Microsoft related services to buy or use the products.

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This account becomes highly useful if you have bought a new Windows OS Based smartphone or a PC with Windows Operating System on it. The Outlook accounts are best suited to use with any of the Microsoft-powered online services.